Research Support Learning Exchange

The Northern Collaboration’s Special Interest Group for Research Support invites you to a half day online event on December 8th, starting at 1pm, to discuss library support for open research. This will be of interest to all librarians who are involved in supporting researchers and research.

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About the event

Open research is an emerging agenda that picks up on the well-established agendas of open access to publications and research data management but broadens its scope to openness and transparency throughout the process of research. 

Some universities have now adopted policy statements on open research, beginning with the universities of Reading and Cambridge, and they have started to supplement their policy frameworks with support infrastructures. The libraries that form part of the Northern Collaboration are embarking on a similar trajectory, evolving existing support services to the developing ‘open research’ space. This learning exchange will focus on aspects of this development.


1 - 1:15pm 


1.15 - 1:45 

The experience of the University of Reading

1.45 - 2.15 

Panel discussion 1: open research costs

2.15 - 2.25 


2.25 - 2.55 

Panel discussion 2: open research infrastructure

2.55 - 3.25 

Panel discussion 3: rewards and incentives


Summary and close

More on the panel discussions

Our three panel discussions will address and consider the following topics:

Open research costs: paying to publish

Implications of Plan S. How are libraries preparing for the financial consequences of Plan S and of the forthcoming new UKRI and REF open access policies? What plans are in place to begin the process of transferring subscription costs to supporting more open forms of scholarly dissemination, and perhaps even supporting community-developed Open Research initiatives? 

Open research infrastructure: building an infrastructure

Policy frameworks. What policies should be in place and what could they look like?

Support infrastructure. Over the last decade, OA, RDM, copyright and bibliometrics services have become embedded within academic libraries. What role should the Library play in the provision of further open research support beyond established practices, especially with regards to facilitating transparency of the process of research rather than the outputs?

Rewards and incentives: changing a culture

Consultation and awareness-raising. How could the behavioural and cultural change that entails the open research agenda be achieved? How do we communicate with the academic community?

Rewards and incentives. How are we dealing with rewards and incentives for engaging with open research? In particular, how does the adoption of DORA influence actual recruitment, promotion and research assessment practices?

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