Focus on Hull


Focus on… University of Hull

2019 successes:

*The award of Customer Services Excellence to what is now Customer Experience & Insight.  We shall be looking at how we expand this to the rest of the Library building.

*The successful transition of skills resources to a series of LibGuide

*The addition of the Library’s catalogue to the NBK, and the further establishment of Unicat, a combined catalogue of Hull and York to serve our HYMS medical school community.

*The development of a digital archives technical platform using open source components to support the creation of the City of Culture Digital Archive and underpin digital archiving service    provision.


Library structure redesign for 2020:


*There are now two groups: Customer Experience & Insight and Collections, Learning & Research

*Each group has an Associate Director: Ali Craig for Customer Experience & Insight and Chris Awre for Collections, Learning & Research

*Customer Experience & Insight has a focus very much on library operations, covering all frontline services and collections admin, the processes covering acquisition and processing of all library materials (CAT on the diagram).  There are two Customer Experience Managers, who work through five Customer Experience Team Leaders, but who are available to all staff as required (the dotted lines). The Group also supports frontline support at the Hull History Centre, a collaborative archives partnership between the University and City Archives.

*Collections, Learning & Research has a focus on library and archive specific support for students and staff, plus responsibility for the development of our collections.  The Academic and Library Specialists cover support for the areas listed: academic and information skills development, learning & teaching support, research support, and technologies used by the Library.  In addition, the Academic and Library Specialist (Data) has a focus on the data we can gather and use to inform our service operation and development. The key area of work for that post is currently the Library Grant, hence the association with the Collections Development Manager.  The Collections Development Manager, Maggie Sarjantson, has responsibility for the University Archives as well as the Library’s collections, and we have two Metadata & Access Officers supporting this area.