Northern Collaboration Learning Events:

Listed below are details of all our Learning Exchanges and Learning & Development events, past and present.  Further information can be seen by clicking on the relevant links.


Theme Date Venue Contact/Link Type of Event
Strategic Marketing 23rd January 2015 Sunderland


Learning Exchange
Developing Archives 16th April 2015 Huddersfield Storify Learning Exchange
New Technologies 15th May 2015 Leeds Beckett Storify Learning Exchange
Value & Impact 11th June 2015 Salford


Learning Exchange
eBook Delivery & Support 10th December 2015 Hull Agenda & Presentation Links Learning Exchange
Embedding Open Access 12th may 2016 York Storify Learning Exchange
Purchasing Strategies 13th December 2016 Manchester Met More info here Learning Exchange
Students as Partners 3rd February 2017 Newcastle More info here Learning Exchange
Learning Spaces 11th July 2017 Sunderland More info here Learning Exchange
Negotiation Skills 23rd November 2017 Leeds Beckett More info here Learning & Development event
Relationship Management 4th December 2017 Liverpool   Learning Exchange